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Doing business

Articles, interviews, research & studies, press releases from and about AmCham member companies related to the Czech business environment.

Managing business

Articles sharing best practices and knowledge of managing a business. Shared expertise and experiences of our community are available in this section to raise the standards of operational excellence.

Premature dismissal from employment because of unsatisfactory work results?

20.02.2019, Company: bnt attorneys-at-law s.r.o.

In our Czech practice, we rather frequently encounter cases in which employers mistake one ground for termination "unsatisfactory work results" for another "violation of work-related duties".

Tags: Law |
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What will happen in the final week of Brexit?

20.02.2019, Company: ING Bank N.V., organizační složka

There's a growing acceptance that the Brexit saga may go to the wire, but when push comes to shove, we suspect British MPs will be more inclined to support an Article 50 extension than PM May's deal. The problem is nobody knows for sure how long a delay might last - and will it just tee-up a new cliff edge in a few months time?

Tags: Economics | Finance | Business Development | Politics |
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Taylor Wessing among TOP 5 preferred employers of law students in the Czech Republic

20.02.2019, Company: TaylorWessing e|n|w|c advokáti v.o.s.

The law firm Taylor Wessing has been ranked among the “TOP 5 preferred employers” for law students enrolled in Czech universities. This according to the TOP employers (TOP zaměstnavatelé) study, carried out by the Association of Students and Graduates (ASA) and realised in cooperation with the research agency GFK, universities, student organisations and corporate partners. Taking part in the online survey from October to December 2018 were 11 577 students.

Tags: Law | Awards & Achievements |
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Investors Brace for a Downturn and Look to the Long Term

20.02.2019, Company: BCG - The Boston Consulting Group

Investors believe that a recession is increasingly imminent. According to BCG’s tenth annual investor survey, conducted in October 2018, their 12-month outlook is considerably more negative than it was just a year ago. And many investors said that they are responding to the looming economic downturn by taking a more defensive, value-oriented approach to their investment decisions. To stand out from the pack and allay investors’ concerns, companies must take the right steps to prepare for and ultimately withstand significant economic headwinds without sacrificing long-term value creation.

Tags: Finance | Business Development |
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Can a Czech startup crack the UK market?

20.02.2019, Company: Roivenue

ROIVENUE™ is a marketing intelligence analytics suite for marketing professionals. ROIVENUE™ is a
one-stop solution for marketers to integrate all of their advertising, CRM and web analytics data into one
place and harness the power of multi-touch attribution to get more ROI from their marketing campaigns.
Our suite of products includes data integration, multi-touch data-driven attribution, as well as an agency
reporting tool for marketing agencies to quickly and easily build reports for clients on Power BI, Tableau
and other data visualization tools.

Tags: Finance | Business Development |
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AmCham Leadership Case Studies: Revenue today vs. Revenue tomorrow

27.11.2018, Amcham

Success in the hotel business is governed by the RevPar rate: the amount of revenue the hotel generates per available room per month. To succeed, you need to fill as many of your rooms as possible at the maximum possible rate. The challenge is this: if you fill all of your rooms all of the time, the rooms begin to show signs of wear. And if you want to raise rates as much as possible, you have to have quality rooms with the latest technology and equipment. To keep the rooms fresh and modern, you have to refurbish them regularly. How do you maintain revenue and occupancy while still keeping your rooms and conference facilities above market standard? 


AmCham 2018 Thanksgiving Message: Delivered by Magdalena Soucek, EY, Past President and Board Member

24.11.2018, Compete

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family, to share memories, and express gratitude to those who have helped us along the way.

Customers are looking for largest warehouses in Plzeň and Ústí regions

21.06.2018, Marketplace

CBRE, a global leader in commercial real estate services published its latest CBRE REAL DEMAND BAROMETER – a study monitoring demand for warehouses all over Czech Republic over past two years. It shows large differences between regions (kraje) – while in Karlovarský region was the typical (median) request for warehouses exceeding 13 thousand square meters, in Olomoucký region the median demanded warehouse floor space was only 600 square meters.

Tags: Business Development | Real Estate |

Loosening the Belt: Number of Overweight Czechs Significantly Rising

12.03.2018, Marketplace

Christmas is long behind us and we are already several weeks into the New Year. Weeks during which – according to statistics – the majority of us lose interest in or the will to keep their New Year’s resolutions, including probably the most frequent one – to lose weight and start exercising more. This is a pity considering that 71% of men and almost 57% of women in the Czech Republic are suffering from excessive weight or obesity: the highest percentages ever recorded. 

Tags: Health |

Weston Stacey: A lot of people in America have underestimated Trump

12.03.2018, Amcham

An article of E15 published on March 12 on steel and aluminum tarrifs (in Czech language).

Last Thursday, the Trump administration announced its plan to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The tariffs are intended to raise the production in US steel and aluminum plants to 80%, which is considered the minimum output necessary for survival. If the tariffs take effect, the EU has declared it will place reciprocal tariffs on US products of similar export value. The issue underneath the tariff decision- global overcapacity- is real, but imposing global tariffs does not appear to help solve the problem. An internationally coordinated response using targeted tariffs or quotas might be the best way to keep the economic and geopolitical damage to the minimum.


USA: Honored Country at the Thessaloniki International Fair 2018

7.03.2018, Marketplace

In September 2018, the United States are returning in the Thessaloniki International Fair as the honored country at the most dynamic exhibition in southeast Europe that will bring together government and business leaders, “doers”, influencers and 300.000 buyers and professionals.

Tags: Business Development | Finance |
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